The Eccentric Charm of Nglambor Beach and Siung Beach

Hello guys, this time I will do a review about the eccentric charm of Nglambor Beach which is very beautiful. This beach is located 70km from Yogyakarta, precisely in Purwodadi Village, Tepus District, Gunung Kidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta. Gunung Kidul is already known as the king of the beaches in Yogyakarta because there are indeed many beaches, including Indrayanti Beach, Baron Beach, Kukup Beach, and many more. So what are the distinctions of Nglambor Beach compared to other beaches? For those of you snorkeling lovers, this beach is a suitable place to see marine biota running around its territory. Known as a beach with calm waves wrapped in clean white sand and decorated with exotic coral reefs, this beach is suitable as a tourist destination for those who want to spend a vacation in this Gudeg City.


For those of you who want to take a vacation to Nglambor Beach, you have to exercise a little, because the area to get to the beach is very narrow and cannot be passed through by cars. So your vehicle must park in front of the alley towards Nglambor Beach. It takes around 100-200m to get to the beach. There are motorcycle taxi drivers who offer their services so that you don't get tired, but I prefer to walk, other than for exercise, it will be more economical. The price of this beach entrance ticket is quite low, which is only 5,000 rupiah, you can enjoy this beautiful calm atmosphere. For those of you who want to snorkel, the cost of diving on this beach is only 35,000 rupiah. With 35,000 you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater to see beautiful fish and other marine biotas. However, if you don't bring snorkeling equipment, there provide snorkeling equipment, from glasses, buoys to guides. The price of a 50,000 rupiah snorkeling package per person is quite low, right?

After satisfied with the beauty of the underwater world, at Nglambor Beach, there are also many selfie spots. With only a cellphone camera, you will get a pretty beautiful view with a high seas background and light breeze surrounded by plants and wooden ornaments that are quite impressive. I am pretty sure your photos would get praise from many netizens. However, if you want better quality photos, many amateur photographers offer digital photo services in that area. You then can use his service to follow you around the beach, and finally ask for pictures in his camera. The cost is quite affordable, only 3,000 rupiahs for one beautiful shot like a photo model. However, if you are good at bargaining, it can be cheaper.


Because the distance between Nglambor Beach and Siung Beach is quite close, locals have made a bamboo bridge for tourism purpose. This bridge is quite safe for tourists to pass through, and turned out also to be used by the local people as an alternative way to Siung Beach. By using this bridge, you can enjoy two beaches at once. The entrance ticket for the bridge is quite affordable, only 5,000 rupiahs per person, and you will enjoy a breathtaking view, when you look to the right, there is a sea, and if you look to the left, there is a cliff with trees ready to greet you. In the middle of the walkway, you will also see a small cave that you can walk pass through. The atmosphere in the cave is quite calm because there are splashes of water ready to welcome you. You won't feel bored or tired to walk all the way across the cliff to Siung Beach. The length of the bridge is approximately 500m. At Siung Beach you will find white sand with coral on the shoreline complete with fresh seaweeds. Here you can enjoy the waves, and it's quite fun to play with your friends here. Around the beach, there are stalls ready to serve your empty stomach and fill your energy.


What are you waiting for? These two beaches are perfect for those of you who are on vacation in Yogyakarta. I'm confident that the costs won't make you broke. For those of you who don't want to take care of the trip yourself, with a lot hassle and unnecessary headache, you can use my favorite Yogyakarta tour operator. The company also has a day-tour package in Gunung Kidul beaches at an affordable price.

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